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8/8/2016, Black Saga Competition in Rochester City Public School District

Letter to Rochester School District Principals/Teachers

Over the past several months, we have been searching for a long-term sponsor for the Black Saga Competition.  In the meantime, however, we have moved ahead with a license agreement approach.    The University of Rochester has secured a license agreement with us to implement the Black Saga Competition in the Rochester City Public Schools District.  We are excited and look forward to working with you and Ashley Anderson at the University of Rochester.

In our new effort, we will continue to offer you to the most scholarly assessment of the African American experience, the most thorough and effective arrangement of questions to maximize learning potential, and the most excitement we can envision from learning a major part of American history.  We, too, have been mindful of the teacher coordinators while choosing and arranging significant people, places, events, and words of wisdom throughout the study packet.

In this implementation disk, we have provided you with our previous year’s (2015-2016) materials so that you may become familiar with what it takes to implement and conduct a successful Black Saga Competition.  Our 2016-2017 Implementation disk will be available in August.  Schools that have already registered will receive this Implementation disk during the first week in August 2016.  While most of the materials in 2016-17 disk will be similar to that in the previous year, you should know that each year we update, modify, and restructure approximately 30 percent of the content that makes up the Q/A booklet.  This is done to increase the chances that new teams have an opportunity to win each year.

As the licensor, we will endeavor to provide immediate information and guidance to you during the implementation of your Black Saga Competition. Since this is your first year in the Competition, please do not hesitate to call us.  We want your Black Saga Competition to be an efficient and successful experience.

Thank you in advance for taking the challenge to introduce your students to a more inclusive American history by bringing this part of the African American experience to them and their families.  While we make no promises that your students will become excellent students, we do have survey data that show “participating students in the Black Saga Competition will improve their study skills, improve their time management, appreciate the importance of teamwork in learning, become more culturally aware, and become more competitive.  

Over the years, we have enjoyed working with excellent teacher coordinators, and we anticipate the same from your school.  As you know, the school principal and teacher coordinator(s) are central to the success of the Black Saga Competition. During the more than two decades of Black Saga in elementary and middle schools, more than 75,000 students, parents, teachers, principals, and supporters have been introduced to the African American experience (many for the first time) . . . and we have done it in the most unobtrusive and unintimidating way—a competition.  Our success would not have been achieved without the support of outstanding principals and teachers.

As we move to another epoch in the Black Saga journey, we continue to encourage your support.  You may distribute this letter widely.  Also, I have posted this letter to the Headlines and Announcements pages of our Black Saga Competition website,

Thank you very much.


Charles Christian, Director



Aug 31, 2015

Over the past several months, we have been searching for a long-term sponsor for the Black Saga Competition.  At this time, we have not found one and we regret to inform you that we must cancel the State Black Saga Competition this year. Black Saga Teacher Coordinators:  

However, our chances of securing a long-term sponsor are promising.  Also, if we need a recommendation of support, we hope we can count on you. 

In the meantime, we will continue to operate the local and county Black Saga Competitions.  As such, we will provide information, guidance, and an implementation CD to implement your school Black Saga Competition.  In addition, we will provide the Q/A for your county competition as we have done in the past.  For that service, we have cut the costs of registration by more than one- half—to $50 per school instead of the previous $150.   

Also, we will continue to provide guidance and assistance in setting up and conducting an efficient and successful Black Saga Competition in your school.

We thank your for your support over the years and wish to keep it.  We will let you know of our success in getting a sponsor as soon as we have one. 

Over the years, I have been sincerely blessed to work with so many wonderful teachers, principals, and administrators.  Your support of the Black Saga Competition has been incredible.  During our 20 or so years, we have introduced the African American experience to more than 75,000 students, parents, teachers, principals, and supporters . . . and we have done it in the most unintrusive and unintimidating way—a competition.  It could not have happened without your support of the Competition and your unwavering dedication to helping students maximize their learning potential and becoming competitive in their knowledge of the African American experience.

As we move to another epoch in the Black Saga journey, we encourage your support.  Please distribute this letter widely.  Also, I have posted this letter to our Black Saga Competition website,  It can be found on our Headliner and Announcements pages. 

Thank you very much.


Charles Christian, Ph.D.

Founder, Director, and Host

Black Saga Competitions



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